Artist Statement 

I am fascinated by the relationship we have with the crafted objects that fill our daily lives. I view this connection as a starting point for my work, by taking an object that is universally understood and skewing it slightly, I can change the way that an item is perceived. As an artist, I find solace in the process of creating the work, and by handcrafting the object I obtain a better understanding of the history I seek to deconstruct. I incorporate the curvaceous forms that became familiar to me in the boat yard and am inspired by architectural works that take advantage of the contrast between geometric and natural forms. As an artist and craftsperson, I am constantly working to enable and usher this harmony into the work I create.

When creating a piece of furniture, I strive to find ways of distorting the form to generate a new level of engagement. The form confounds the relationship between the viewer and the work, where they are directed to deconstruct the history and heritage of the item. I trained as a cabinetmaker and as a boat builder, and after working professionally in both trades I wanted to find a way of blending the two disciplines. Where cabinetmaking is square, precise and machined-- boatbuilding is curved, loose and primarily fit by hand. It is this contrast and understanding of both skill sets that allows me to bring a unique approach to the work, and motivates me to strike a balance of the two.

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