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Artist Statement 

My art is a form of communication, a form of expression and acts as a representation of my lived experiences. Thematically, this work is my way of addressing the housing insecurities that I have experienced in my life as well as the moments that triggered these insecurities. It is a synthesis of the hopelessness and instability that I have experienced as part of the working poor class in America. It is an expression of my frustrations with a system that I have felt trapped within my entire life. I work from these emotionally charged memories as they are powerful experiences that have impacted my life in many ways. I find working from this place of deep emotion helps me make art that provides impressions of my life and strengthens the opportunity for creating a connection with others.

Formally, I draw inspirations from my experiences with past living spaces and create compositions that blend the familiar and the unfamiliar. Their creation is a form of processing a lifetime’s worth of instability, using a language that is intended to communicate those feelings to viewers who may or may not have had similar experiences.

I select materials that carry with them the connotations of permanence and impermanence, using them as signifiers. This selection process of materials comes from a combination of my personal connection to the material and their more broadly held cultural understandings. Work shirts, tent fabric, paper and brick all speak to inspirations that drive my practice and speak to an instability that is consistent with the content.

I set out to approach my works in a nonlinear fashion, where the content of a narrative is clearly present, but that narrative is obscure with no clear or direct message being conveyed. This disruption in narrative permits the viewer to move independently throughout a piece, often creating new meanings from discovering connections. My goals for the work are simple, it is my hope that the viewer will find a connection with the work. This connection may manifest itself in variety of ways. Some might gain a glimpse into a world they are unfamiliar with, while others might see a reflection of themselves and hopefully, not feel alone.

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